Learn Unique Skills Online

Traveling to attend classes to increase and improve your skill set can be costly and stressful. Tuition, flight and hotel expenses add up quickly. Time is money and time away from the studio or salon often means lost revenue. That’s why New Image has created  NIU, the only online education resource available in the hair replacement industry. Learn more

Resident Hair Experts

NIU is an online learning institution with a human touch. For questions that might be lingering after watching the video tutorials, or specific issues that pertain to your studio or salon, feel free to seek the advice of our Resident Hair Experts. Meet Our Experts

scissorsSuccess Tool Kits

The hair loss business is hands-on, tactile and visual. Both, understanding and retention are maximized when subject matters are practiced with the right materials and tools. That’s why we created the exclusive  NIU Success Tool Kits, your pre-packed tool kits for success. Learn more