Certificate Overview

New business opportunities beckon. With Biolon, a revolutionary fiber that simulates the look and feel of real hair. It all starts with Biolon Certification. Now Online. Anytime. Anywhere!

Introduce a new product offering with great potential. Invigorate your business and create more revenue with Biolon. This is the turnkey solution you have been looking for.

Biolon Online Certification includes:

  • Biolon Workbook
  • Training DVD
  • Access to Biolon tutorials online through NIU
  • Email access to the NIU Resident Experts to answer any Biolon questions
  • Access to Biolon online certification test
  • Upon successful completion of test, a beautiful Certificate of Successful Completion will be mailed to you 


Plus, Biolon Start-Up and Custom Order Kit:

  • Fitting caps
  • Biolon color and wave rings
  • Density chart
  • Sample of Biolon weft
  • Order form


Membership Fee: $425.00 / student / year

Yearly membership starts on the day payment has been received, not on the day student logs in for the first time.


Course Descriptions

1. What is Club W?

In this section, you will learn what makes Club W, made out of Biolon, so unique and what distinguishes this revolutionary fiber from other man-made fibers. Discover the facts behind this high-heat resistant fiber and the revolutionary base design that will make a real difference in the lives of your demanding medical clients.

2. How to Work with Club W

In this section, you will discover, lesson by lesson, the ins and outs of working successfully with Biolon and the revolutionary Club W base design. From color, to fit, to texture, this section will help you become a pro at working with Biolon and Club W.

3. FAQ About Club W

In this section, receive valuable pointers on how to handle potential problem areas with Biolon and Club W.


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