The Link Issue 5, 2013: Leading in the Technology Curve

by: Grant Gunderson

AHLC: It’s great to be here at NIU LIVE 2012. Would you like to share your impressions with our readers now that your 2012 annual conference has kicked off?

Tony: We are very excited. We took a big risk a couple of years ago. In the past these conferences had some education and a lot of socializing. A few years ago we realized we were starting to lose focus. We are a very small industry and since you can’t go to the library or online to learn about our industry, we felt responsible to educate technicians and studio owners. By the way, that is where the inspiration for our online university, New Image University (NIU), came from. We’ve had very positive reactions from our online registrants. From there we’ve decided to take our educational efforts to the next level. This gives us the opportunity to test new topics and ideas and also gather valuable attendee reactions. Every time a hair loss professional attends our conference, he or she takes new ideas, real solutions and fresh inspiration back to their respective business. They are quick to tell us whether they like the program or not.

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