The Link Issue 8, 2013: Forecast 2014

 by: AHLC and Tony Sciara, President, New Image Labs

AHLC: Hello Tony. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today during the busy conference. With the year of 2013 almost at a close, what are the expectations for the future?

Tony: Some segments of the hair loss industry are transitioning. Existing business models need to be re-thought as the key drivers are changing due to increasing costs. To enjoy continued success we need to think outside the box. We see a strong tendency towards the women’s business and are we ready for it.

To start, we need to understand how women think and how they respond to hair loss. Only then will we be able to build lasting relationships and achieving any level of success.

AHLC: What other trends do you see?

Tony: We see a growing interest in hair loss from the beauty industry. We do receive calls from hairdressers who are looking for information about our services. They have clients in the chair with various stages of hair loss and have no options or solutions for them. The irony is that these salons know how to work with women and service their needs, but do not have the answers for hair loss. However, we in the hair replacement industry have the solutions, but in most cases are weak in our ability or willingness to work with women clients.

AHLC: That is quite interesting. Do you think it is a benefit to our industry that AVEDA for example and many others are coming out with new anti-hair loss and anti-hair thinning product lines?

Tony: Absolutely, yes. It creates and facilitates discussion and awareness. The more professionals are talking to their clients about hair loss the more attention is brought to the condition. We then all benefit, especially the hair loss professionals.

AHLC: What is the most powerful tool New Image has for 2014?

Tony: New Image University. The new site has just been launched and we are now offer two certification courses – New Image Certified Hair Loss Specialist and New Image Certified Master Hair Loss Specialist. This online educational tool will pay off for the entire industry. We plan on continuing to further expand the site in the future and make it grow even more. Education is key.

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