The Nat. Hair & Skin Journal Winter 2012 Issue: Education in the Hair Loss Industry

by: Elvira Amankwa, CMP, New Image Labs Corp

The Internet, or “the Net” in short, is a huge, global network of computers, with which we browse the World Wide Web. It has
become our most powerful information, communication, entertainment and business resource.

Many existing communication platforms, such as telephone, music, film and television have been redefined by the Net. In order to survive and preserve meaning in the 21st century, the print publishing industry (newspapers, magazines, books) have adapted to website technology and morphed into web news feeds, blogs and e-book readers. The Net also added new facets to human interaction. Internet forums and online discussion groups now lend support and give advice for just about any life scenario. Social networking takes human relationship building online. E-mailing and instant messaging increases efficiency in communication. From shopping for deals to checking the weather, from paying bills to investing in stocks, from cheering on our favorite sports team to watching the world news unfold – we resort to the Net and it’s sheer unlimited resources for many of our daily activities. Even some of life’s most complex decisions, such as finding a soul mate, are nowadays facilitated, yes, you guessed it, by the Net, with 21st century matchmaking (aka online dating) now being a multi-billion Dollar industry.

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