The Link Issue 8, 2013: New Image Conference

by:  Peggy Thornhill, President, AHLC

 New Image’s 2013 annual conference NIU LIVE 2013 was hosted at the beautiful Marriott Hotel in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, hair loss professionals from all across the country, Europe, Israel and Latin America met to see, hear, touch and feel what is new in the hair replacement industry.

The featured presentation “Building a Successful Women’s Hair Replacement Business” by Jeffrey Paul had the audience thinking outside the box on how to understand women with hair loss. Many industry veterans provided excellent hair replacement education, ranging from mold making to bonding, from coloring to the latest styling techniques. Presenters included Keith Zimmerman, Robert Voza, Ricky Knowles, Randy Clark and Wendy Howard. Among the available sessions were, “Design Solutions for Ethnic Hair for Women of Color” and “Extreme Solutions for Extreme Hair Loss Problems”.

The conference also featured a line-up of business, medical and para-medical professionals to share their expertise with the audience on the ins and outs of sales, social media, web marketing and even OSHA. Valuable information was presented in eye-opening sessions on trichotillomania and alopecia. Speakers included Jay Benjamin, Jerry Schroeder, Avin Kline, Dr. Renae Reinardy, Dr. Y. Lenzy and Connie Judge. Attendees had the opportunity to see, first-hand, New Image’s new arrivals in addition to the most popular styles.

One of the highlights of the conference was the presenting of two highly coveted awards: The Hair Icon Award and the Excellence in Education Award. Tony Sciara, President of New Image Labs, presented both. Ben Carey received the Hair Icon Award post-humously. Also, William “Willie” Campagnolo received the second 2013 Hair Icon Award. Robert Voza was honored with the “Excellence in Education Award” for imparting excellence in hair loss education with dedication, passion and zeal.

The AHLC was honored to be a welcome part to this exciting event. We believe that every educational opportunity is always a boost to the entire industry.

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